Who am I?

The age-old question. The question I thought I knew the answer to yet still tried most of my life to find. Actually, let’s use present tense: I’m still trying.

This blog has been going through a lot of public and behind the scenes change. Since the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, my mind has shifted. All of a sudden I realise I don’t only have to write about food and health. Heck, people like it more when I don’t. That means people like it when I just write. Freely, from the heart. That’s great! But now I’m overwhelmed by all this freedom I don’t know what to do.

I write about going tech-free because that was an interesting and requested challenge to do. I take another break… Inspiration is nowhere to be found. Writer’s block descends upon me like a heavy foreboding rain cloud the clothes on the washing line are never ready for.

Then, as if I wasn’t confused enough, Rugaya and I get into a heated discussion one Friday night. She’s criticising my blog. She’s criticising me. She says I’m not being authentic. She tells me that I should make people fall in love with me. Not vegan food. Not pretty pictures. Not health advice. Just me.

I have my counter arguments but she shoots them down and the discussion soon turns into an argument. We find ourselves in an endless loop of the same argument points being repeated. We’re getting nowhere. So we stop fighting. I resume my Friday night shook and confused. Rugaya had some valid points…

I try not to think about it too much and go about my life, however, every so often, I’m reminded of what Rugaya said; “Make people fall in love with you.”

A few days later I get logged out of my Salted Butter Instagram account and I can’t get back in. Is this a sign from God? A sign to start fresh? Rebrand what Salted Butter means to me?


And so it begins…

Untitled design

I have made my decision.

If you’re going to be subscribed to Salted Butter you’re not only going to be subscribed to veganism and good food. You’re going to be subscribed to me. Zoa Wustrow. My life. My heart. My mind. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, the best version of you is you being wholly and unapologetically yourself.

Whoever the fuck that happens to be.

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