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DSC_0104My name is Zoa Wustrow. I’m Namibian, 19 years old and I currently live in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa as I study to become a chef.

I had to change my about page because after what I thought would be a tiny little experiment ended up being a huge experience that has completely changed my life. I’m vegan now.

This blog started off as a public recipe journal because I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the food I made and the recipes I developed so I thought I would share it with everyone on the world wide web. Plus I really love food and I know food is part of what I do in this lifetime.

I created this blog before I became vegan which is why older recipes on here will not be vegan and which is why the blog is called Salted Butter. As a vegan it’s kind of an ill-fitting title but how about we try to think of a bullshit deep analytical and metaphorical reason as to why Salted Butter would fit as the title of a vegan blog. Or we can just make peace with the fact that I’ve already bought the blog domain and created a name for myself around the title so it’s not going to change.

This blog is me trying to help you find inspiration, eat good food, be happier, live healthier, and maybe, hopefully, even brighten your day a little as I try to make sense of this thing called life.

Please feel free to like, comment or share anything on here. I want this to be a free and happy place for everyone to feel delicious and inspired in. Additionally, I would love to know what content you would like to receive from me.

Contact me: thesaltedbutter@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter: @zoaawoaaw 

Follow Salted Butter on Instagram: @thesaltedbutter

Like my Facebook page: Salted Butter

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